I'm a french "artist" who is very fond of english series and fantasy novels :)

Behind the black spot

Thank you guys, beckendorph, thedoctorsdaughters, ask-reyna-of-the-romans for the nice words!

I didn’t expect the gif to please so much people -I could have written a better caption under it XD.

I definitely want to paint/animate more of those fanarts.
I’m a bit overwhelmed these days but stay tuned ‘cause I never know when I’m in a fanart mood and they suddenly appeared from nowhere !

It was actually animated on Spine (not free) but you can actually do the same on After effect (also not free).
Otherwise there are those alternatives : LIVE2D’S CUBISM and Emofuri; which use kinda the same technique aka skinning on textures. I never used the last two but I read a lot of documents on them and seemed really interesting.

I tested some animation tricks on an old illustration so I decided to post it there.
Is the gif going to be uploaded on the 1st attempt ? who knows?

I got tagged by boaillustration for the “what are you wearing everyday, at home, on special occasion” meme.

I don’t have any opportunities to do digital painting soon so I’m posting the sketches.

I’m tagging marililc and whoever feel like doing it!

I don’t know if I have some parisian followers. But if I do and you know some people who are looking for a flatmate, please send me an ask or a mail!

I’m looking for a room
where I can work on my computer,
not that far from Place d’Italie (I mean less than 1 hour in public transport)
from Septembre (now) to early Novermber.

Wanting to read a book but none of those from your bookshelves fitting your mood…

Old school assignment from my 1st year in art college. I remember I was sitting on the sofa while doing this one and I killed a pencil in the process - the drawing is 50x65cm.

Hi :) Can you tell us more about your webcomic project? Have a nice day :)

Asked by Anonyme

Sure! Thanks for asking!

Well where do I start tho…
I’m going to speak a lot I think so :

Afficher davantage

1st sketches of the girls for my webcomic project.

Their names are X, U, W … I definitely need to find them proper names! 
Finding names is hard (‘specially according to the universe they belong)

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 You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music that they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, Media Player, etc. and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: No skipping

  1. Callin’ - Kotaro Nkagawa - Code geass
  2. The cave - JN Howard - The hunger games
  3. One simple idea - H. Zimmer - Inception
  4. Doctor who theme variation
  5. Dreamsand miracle - A. Desplat - Rise of Guardians
  6. Smee’s plan - J. Williams - Hook
  7. Triad - Enya - Celts
  8. Carmen Fantasy Op25 1. Moderato - Sarasate - (enregistrement pour Nodame Cantabile)
  9. White hart - J.N. Howard - Snow White & the hunstman
  10. La mort de Fantine - Les misérables enregistrement 1991
  11. Visit to the Zoo - Letters from Hogwarts - J. Williams - HP & the sorcerers stone
  12. Jim chases Morph - J.N. Howard - Treasure planet
  13. I love it - Icona pop
  14. Dive bombers - Brian Tyler - Iron man 3
  15. Die by the blade - Jesper Kyd, Lorne Balfe - Assassin’s creed revelations
  16. Yes we have no bananas - Louis Prima
  17. Mayoi Owareru sha - Aoi Teshima - Gedo senki (tales from Earthsea)
  18. Blinding - Florence and the machine - Lungs
  19. Aragorn’s return - H. Shore - The two towers
  20. Martha triumphant - Murray Gold - Doctor Who series 3 OST
    and a bonus (because I couldn’t help playing it …)
  21. Owen fights death - Ben Foster , M. Gold - Torchwood

According to this … I listen to a lot of OST … accurate ! I did skip some tracks because “chapter 10 from harry potter and the goblet of fire”  is not really a song ^^