I'm a french "artist" who is very fond of english series and fantasy novels :)

Behind the black spot

Quickly posting one of the reasons I don’t paint much these days. I’m basically playing Frankenstein in Maya! Humm. I don’t have Mr Frankenstein level yet tho… my creature is still not alive! 

Inktober 03. I’m late, I know. But if it wasn’t difficult it wouldn’t be a challenge!

By the way I’m more or less illustrating my favourite French book : Leïlan by Magali Segura. I’m not spoiling anything ‘cause I’m planning illustrating like the 2 first chapters from my memories …

News and semi hiatus

I’m learning Maya/Zbrush/Nuke in Paris at the moment so I’m a little busy.
I don’t even have my main computer. That’s why I don’t make digital paintings or animations these days.
I suppose the inktober challenge is going to be my only way to upload things this month too - you can follow my instagram if you are interested btw. Even if I am already late for the 3rd day entry *palm-face*!

Let’s hope I can present some 3D pieces at the end of the month !

Inktober day 02. Like yesterday i inked a part in the train. But it was when i was on my desk that i dropped the pentel on his face! Poor little guy!

Inktober day 1:
I took the train for 1hour and tried to ink in it. It isn’t that easy.


I’m going to try to make it this year. I’m saying it there in order to keep it as a reminder.

Thank you guys, beckendorph, thedoctorsdaughters, ask-reyna-of-the-romans for the nice words!

I didn’t expect the gif to please so much people -I could have written a better caption under it XD.

I definitely want to paint/animate more of those fanarts.
I’m a bit overwhelmed these days but stay tuned ‘cause I never know when I’m in a fanart mood and they suddenly appeared from nowhere !

It was actually animated on Spine (not free) but you can actually do the same on After effect (also not free).
Otherwise there are those alternatives : LIVE2D’S CUBISM and Emofuri; which use kinda the same technique aka skinning on textures. I never used the last two but I read a lot of documents on them and seemed really interesting.

I tested some animation tricks on an old illustration so I decided to post it there.
Is the gif going to be uploaded on the 1st attempt ? who knows?

I got tagged by boaillustration for the “what are you wearing everyday, at home, on special occasion” meme.

I don’t have any opportunities to do digital painting soon so I’m posting the sketches.

I’m tagging marililc and whoever feel like doing it!

I don’t know if I have some parisian followers. But if I do and you know some people who are looking for a flatmate, please send me an ask or a mail!

I’m looking for a room
where I can work on my computer,
not that far from Place d’Italie (I mean less than 1 hour in public transport)
from Septembre (now) to early Novermber.

Wanting to read a book but none of those from your bookshelves fitting your mood…

Old school assignment from my 1st year in art college. I remember I was sitting on the sofa while doing this one and I killed a pencil in the process - the drawing is 50x65cm.