I'm a french "artist" who is very fond of english series and fantasy novels :)

Behind the black spot


I’m going to try to make it this year. I’m saying it there in order to keep it as a reminder.

Thank you guys, beckendorph, thedoctorsdaughters, ask-reyna-of-the-romans for the nice words!

I didn’t expect the gif to please so much people -I could have written a better caption under it XD.

I definitely want to paint/animate more of those fanarts.
I’m a bit overwhelmed these days but stay tuned ‘cause I never know when I’m in a fanart mood and they suddenly appeared from nowhere !

It was actually animated on Spine (not free) but you can actually do the same on After effect (also not free).
Otherwise there are those alternatives : LIVE2D’S CUBISM and Emofuri; which use kinda the same technique aka skinning on textures. I never used the last two but I read a lot of documents on them and seemed really interesting.

I tested some animation tricks on an old illustration so I decided to post it there.
Is the gif going to be uploaded on the 1st attempt ? who knows?

I got tagged by boaillustration for the “what are you wearing everyday, at home, on special occasion” meme.

I don’t have any opportunities to do digital painting soon so I’m posting the sketches.

I’m tagging marililc and whoever feel like doing it!

I don’t know if I have some parisian followers. But if I do and you know some people who are looking for a flatmate, please send me an ask or a mail!

I’m looking for a room
where I can work on my computer,
not that far from Place d’Italie (I mean less than 1 hour in public transport)
from Septembre (now) to early Novermber.

Wanting to read a book but none of those from your bookshelves fitting your mood…

Old school assignment from my 1st year in art college. I remember I was sitting on the sofa while doing this one and I killed a pencil in the process - the drawing is 50x65cm.

Hi :) Can you tell us more about your webcomic project? Have a nice day :)

Asked by Anonyme

Sure! Thanks for asking!

Well where do I start tho…
I’m going to speak a lot I think so :

Afficher davantage

1st sketches of the girls for my webcomic project.

Their names are X, U, W … I definitely need to find them proper names! 
Finding names is hard (‘specially according to the universe they belong)